Your Great Ideas Plus Marketing

Great Ideas Plus MarketingTo paraphrase the great business guru Peter Drucker, the only things that matter in business is the “secret sauce” of your business — what you do that is special — plus marketing — getting customers. Everything else you do to support your business is overhead — necessary but ultimately an expense that does not drive your business forward.

So what is it that you do that is special? It may be an invention, or the way you deliver service, or the mix of products you deliver. Whatever it is that you do really well — and that people pay you for — is your secret sauce, or the magic that is at the center of your business.

Marketing is pretty straightforward. It’s the mix of things you (or your team of marketing experts) put forth to attract and acquire customers for your business. This mix of positioning, tactics and creativity that makes up your marketing is vital. What marketing things should you do? How much should you spend? How should you allocate your budget? How will you measure your marketing activities and your results? All of these are essential.

Most often, we align ourselves with smart clients who realize that they have specialized knowledge or skills that are the core of their business — the secret sauce. What they know is that they are not marketing experts and they will benefit from working with marketing professionals you can help them attract and attain clients. That’s what we do — and we’re happy to help!

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