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Marketing Planning

Executegic Marketing Planning Process

Through our specialized, proprietary Executegic Marketing Planning Process, we’ll work with you to create a focused marketing plan for your business.  We’ll utilize a range of tools and techniques to arrive at your customized marketing approach.

The Executegic Marketing Process consists of nine structured steps in three phases:

Experience: Link Business and Marketing Strategies

  • Focus on Business Priorities and Capabilities
  • Profile Current Customers
  • Determine Business Development Goals

Insight: Create Pathways to Business Growth

  • Identify Business Growth Opportunities
  • Profile Potential New Customers and Competitors
  • Connect Business Strategy to Marketing Actions

Action: Establish Marketing Framework

  • Determine Marketing Resources
  • Create Primary Marketing Messages
  • Develop Practical Marketing Plan

Executegic is a registered trademark of Your Marketing Exec.

Your Marketing Exec, LLC

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