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Sales-Marketing Process

While working for General Electric (GE) in the ’90s, I was trained in GE’s approach to process management including classes in Process Mapping and Baselining, as well as Six Sigma. Specifically, as our business unit’s marketing communications leader, I worked closely with Sales and Product Development to align business activities with our Product Launch Process, Sales Development Process, and overall Go to Market Process. This experience rewired my brain, forever making it impossible not to envision integral relationships between functional and operational components of an organization.

While completing my Master’s in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania in the ’00s, I further enhanced my knowledge through classes in process management and systems thinking. The interdisciplinary perspective afforded by Organizational Dynamics rounded out my perspective of how Sales and Marketing processes can operate optimally in organizations.

Over the past year while working with clients on Sales and Marketing process and systems development I have created a couple of graphics that have turned out to be of benefit to a number of people. The first is a high level illustration of how a sales and marketing system might look for one organization based on its business model.

While the exact system may vary for different businesses, this model can serve as a general road map.

The graphic below represents three inter-related processes — Brand Management, Marketing Planning, and Marketing Execution — as they support Business Strategy, Organizational Transformation and Sales Development.

As with the previous graphic, this is representative of one particular organization but offers a view of how an organization’s goals can be supported.

If you’d like to discuss your organization’s Sales & Marketing process and how we can work together to improve it, please give me a call.

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